Closing the deal and hiring

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You are now at the end of a comprehensive and thorough process. A key hire for your company is as important, if not more so, than securing a long term contract with a target customer. So you must not leave anything to chance as you close the deal.

The offer

Before you call the candidate to confirm the offer details, make sure you have all the information you need to hand.


You should have covered their expectations during the interview. If not, there might be a gap between what you offer and what the candidate is expecting. If you really want that particular candidate, it could be worth negotiating to find a happy medium. You need to decide beforehand whether there is room to manoeuvre. Be flexible if you can. If there is not a fixed pay grade that cannot be amended, then you need to weigh up the cost of not filling the role and starting the process again, over negotiating on some aspects of the package.


On the spot decisions are rare. Considered decisions are better. But you should set yourself a deadline to reach a conclusion. A few days is usually sufficient.


When your preferred candidate accepts the role, you should talk through the resignation process. If they are valued by their current employer, it is quite possible they will be counter-offered.


Stay in touch

A simple, friendly phone call about half way between accepting and starting the job will be well received and will alert you should there be any problems. Even better, if there is a company social function during this period, invite them along, so they can start to feel part of the team already.


There will be a range of administration actions to complete prior to the new employee joining and more once they are on-board. A candidate’s first impressions of their new workplace can have a significant impact. Again, good preparation is the key. Our on-boarding check-list is a good guide to what you need to do before and after the start date.


As we said at the outset, we appreciate this is a lot of work, but by putting in the time and effort of embarking on the Hays Recruitment Roadmap, there is a much, much stronger chance of you having a stellar employee who will stay with you for the long term.

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